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Pull the other one

Michael Gove wants us to believe that 1914 saw the beginning of a just war in defence of liberty. And he is not alone, writes Eddie Ford


Leon Kuhn; Puffed up ; Fired up ; Hatred fuel ; Bordiga lessons ; Catalan frat ; Party duck ; Discrimination ; Pay up ; Dark side; Treacherous ; Tristram Hunt

Mainspring of the Arab revolt

Moshé Machover reviews: Adam Hanieh, 'Lineages of revolt: issues of contemporary capitalism in the Middle East', Haymarket Books, 2013, pp273, £14.99

Miners: Record of tragedy

David Douglass reviews: Peter Tuffrey, 'South Yorkshire people and coal: the gallant struggle and final decline', Fonthill Media, 2013, pp176, £12.99

Biggest union ready to split historic ANC alliance

Things in the workers’ movement are very fluid, writes Peter Manson. The South African Communist Party is certainly heading for a profound crisis

Isaac Asimov: Mantle of optimism

Fifty years ago, Isaac Asimov is said to have successfully envisioned how things would be today. Daniel Harvey exam ines the claims

The shame of imperialism

As shown by Michael Gove’s stupid remarks, the bourgeoisie cannot admit its responsibility for the carnage of 1914-18. In this two-part article Chris Gray examines the origins of the ‘war to end all wars’

Nick Griffin: A rat on a sinking ship

The collapsing British National Party is the victim of its own contradictions, not anti-fascism, writes Paul Demarty


Robbie Rix on the year end, and the prospects for 2014

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