Fighting Fund: Do it now!

Robbie Rix on the perils of postage and the urgent push needed to hit our monthly target

“I was one of those who had to go to my local sorting office to pay a £1 penalty for an underpayment of 9p postage!” writes comrade OG. “But it was well worth it when I read that a legal settlement had been reached and there was enough in the appeal fund to pay the solicitors.”

So OG has sent us a £15 cheque by way of celebration - not to mention four stamps for large letters to avoid any future surcharge. Well, actually, Royal Mail shouldn’t have demanded that surcharge on the September 26 issue - week in, week out, they have been delivering the Weekly Worker sent out in exactly the same way with no problem. So why did someone suddenly decide that the envelopes were ‘too thick’ that week? We don’t believe they were.

Anyway, OG’s cheque plus stamps adds £19 to our fighting fund total for October, to go with two other cheques from RT and GH (for £25 and £20 respectively), two £10 PayPal donations (thank you, PL and SD) and, last but not least, no less than £187 in standing orders over the last seven days - thanks to DC, PM, JT, DS, PM, CC, RL and AR.

An excellent effort, but, with only one day remaining in October as I write, we have not quite made our £1,500 target. The £267 raised this week takes the total to £1,306, so, unless there are a few more cheques in tomorrow’s post, we need a lot of readers to either go onto our website and make a PayPal donation or make an online bank transfer (account number: 00744310; sort code: 30-99-64). So if you want to help, act quickly. Do it now!

Meanwhile we’ll be putting in a strongly worded complaint to Royal Mail.