SWP: Insiders call leadership to account

Members have finally been presented with a detailed report of the Delta case, reports Peter Manson. But it does not make easy reading for the central committee

We need to understand why defending the party became synonymous with defending the leadership, and in turn with defending M [the Socialist Workers Party’s former national secretary, ‘comrade Delta’]. We need to grasp how it came to pass that internal considerations over the protection of a leading individual and the ‘cohesion’ of the CC ended up overriding our basic political principles.”

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Easier said; Right up north; Embarrassing; Rape culture; Gulags; Barbaric PCS

Hopes, fears and prospects

The members’ aggregate on October 26 discussed both Left Unity and the SWP. Michael Copestake reports

AWL: Matgamna’s chauvinistic tirade

Imperialism may not have invented political Islam, writes Yassamine Mather, but it has certainly used it to its advantage

AWL: Siege mentality

Conference is where political differences should be debated out. Paul Demarty reports on an exception

Across nations and issues

As Black History Month closes, Mike Belbin argues that black feminist communist Claudia Jones (1915-64) is only too relevant to today

Education: Our free schools and theirs

The left’s demands should look beyond what seems possible right now, argues Christina Black

Making common cause

Callum Williamson on the offensive against university workers and students

Stirring stagnant Saudi waters

When is it OK to oppress women? When the oppressor is a key ally and trade partner, answers Eddie Ford

Fighting Fund: Do it now!

Robbie Rix on the perils of postage and the urgent push needed to hit our monthly target

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