The Communist Revolutionary Conference

From Workers’ Dreadnought, paper of the Workers’ Socialist Federation, June 12 1921

For parties and groups who are opposed to parliamentarianism and Labour Party affiliation

IT IS important that the revolutionary communists who are opposed to affiliation to the Labour Party and to parliamentary action should meet to consider the present Unity negotiations and to decide:

(1) Whether they shall take part in the Communist Unity Conference, the date of which has been provisionally fixed for August 1 ...

(2) Whether they shall take other action.

... The Unity negotiations decided that only those organisations or groups may be represented at the August 1 conference which are prepared to accept the findings of the conference, and to merge themselves in the party which will be formed by it, whether the basis of that party is affiliation to the Labour Party, or whatever its programme, or basis, may turn out to be.

It is therefore imperative that the various groups or parties shall decide in advance ... whether to join the party which is to come out of the conference.

It is important that the revolutionary communists shall be much more closely linked together than at present. Otherwise ... the field will be left clear for the opportunists to side-track ... the communist impulse which is growing amongst the workers.

The Workers’ Socialist Federation (Communist Party) is therefore inviting to a preliminary conference representatives from the various communist groups ... on Saturday (June 19) at 7.45pm