WW archive > Issue 977 - 12 September 2013

Left Unity: Playing it safe

Everyone involved in producing Left Unity’s proposed ‘safe space’ policy should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, argues Paul Demarty


Assumptions; Give up?; Unburied; Greased; Deep breath

Labour and unions: Democratise the link

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists takes a look at Ed Miliband’s attack on trade union influence

The problem is Labour

PCS militant Dave Vincent reports on the union’s stalled national campaign in defence of terms and conditions

Lobbying laws: Crude attack on unions

Though in partial retreat, writes Eddie Ford, the government aims to use legislation to further stifle trade union activity and free speech in general

Socialist Platform: Principles first, then the masses …

Mark Fischer on the differences that have arisen in the SP in the lead up to its first meeting

Socialist Platform: An exchange

Message sent to the Socialist Platform drafting group by the CPGB and a reply from the comrades

Anthropology: Engels was right

In April Sheila McGregor’s ‘Marxism and women’s oppression today’ was published in the Socialist Workers Party’s International Socialism. The journal declined to carry this response from radical anthropologist and SWP member Lionel Sims

We’re all Luddites now

Gabriel Levy spoke about technology and socialism at Communist University 2013. The left has tended to worship productionism and therefore dismiss the rich tradition represented by Luddism

Technology: Stop worshipping false idols

At Communist University 2012 Gabriel Levy took the 20th century left to task for indentifying technical progress with social progress

TUC conference: Hot air and the lesser evil

Peter Manson looks at the noises coming from the trade union leaderships

Fighting fund: Boosters

Robbie Rix on the need for a boost in funds

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