WW archive > Issue 97 - 08 June 1995

Workers unite to smash pay divide

This week both healthworkers and railworkers are demonstrating against the poverty pay which the bosses are trying to foist on them. The disgusting offers of one percent to healthworkers and three percent to railworkers come at the same time as the bosses are awarding themselves 65-75% pay rises. They will get away with this daylight robbery just as long as we let them


Labour attacks; Rightward drift; Necessary evil

Weapons of class war

On Sunday June 4 at a meeting in London the Communist Party’s 12th Summer Offensive - our annual fund-raising drive - was launched with a speech by John Bridge on Building the revolutionary alternative

Theses on factions

CPGB Provisional Central Committee resolution agreed at the Party membership aggregate of June 4 1995

The munitions hold-up

From Workers’ Dreadnought, paper of the Workers’ Socialist Federation, June 5 1920

Better deal for lifers

Hobson’s choice

Morris or Dromey, the left is reduced to choosing the butcher

Anti-family state

Capitalism on trial

Stevenage offered champagne champion

RMT against poverty pay

Other railworkers were not drawn into the signal workers’ strike. This time we need to make sure it is a united fight

Poverty threatens us all

Left apologists

The Labour left gives unanimous support to imperialism's blue berets

Opportunism's slippery slope

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