WW archive > Issue 959 - 25 April 2013

Women and revolution: Alexandra Kollontai, a leading fighter for women’s liberation

In the first of two articles, Anne McShane looks at the Bolsheviks’ most famous writer on the women’s question


Trope; Cheap shot; Bad logic; Questions; Empty rhetoric; Hush; Man to man; Alpha Marx; Action vote; Support

Appeal from the editor

Peter Manson provides an update on our legal fund appeal

Labour Party: Murdoch’s Blairite offensive

Is Ed Miliband moving left? Mike Macnair examines what lies behind the campaign run by The Times

Reinhart and Rogoff: Austerity myth debunked

The UK has been downgraded again and total national debt has risen. Even by George Osborne’s own criteria, writes Eddie Ford, Plan A has been an abject failure

Women and socialism: Bebel’s forgotten legacy

Ben Lewis reviews: Anne Lopes and Gary Roth, 'Men’s feminism: August Bebel and the German socialist movement', Amherst, 2000, pp261, £28

Gender quotas: The two souls of tokenism

The gender imbalance in left groups cannot be cured by bureaucratic means, argues Paul Demarty

Italian election: Ex-‘official communists’ in disarray

Toby Abse reports on the fallout following the re-election of president Napolitano

Thatcher sanctification: The new Churchill?

Attempts to elevate Margaret Thatcher into a national hero are unlikely to succeed, writes Peter Manson

Margaret Thatcher: The woman who armed Saddam Hussein

Yassamine Mather digs up some of the recently departed's dirty politcal laundry

Aiming for the big time

Nigel Farage is in the process of rebranding his party in an attempt to shed its protest vote image. Micky Coulter wonders what his chances are

Web problems

Robbie Rix discusses our recent website crashes and our fighting fund target

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