WW archive > Issue 958 - 18 April 2013

Capitalist decline: Thatcher in history

Jack Conrad explores the conditions which created Margaret Thatcher and takes issue with the ‘great person’ version of history


Self-appointed; Self-appointed; Self-appointed; Not fascist?; Castigated; Simple; Male smear; Wider right; Teesside action

CPGB aggregate: Debating feminism

Michael Copestake reports on April’s members’ aggregate

Neoliberal feminism: Out of the mainstream, into the revolution

Yassamine Mather critiques neoliberal feminism, which is now the dominant mode of thought

Appeal from the editor

The lastest on our legal appeal from Peter Manson

Workers' movement: Bureaucratic ‘justice’ and dealing with sex assault cases

How should the left deal with serious allegations made by one member against another? Mike Macnair looks at the limits of what is possible

Thatcher funeral: A woman who was hated

Thatcher’s elaborate funeral has been used by the rightwing establishment to elevate her into national sainthood. Meanwhile unofficial Britain welcomes her death, says Eddie Ford

Film review: Saying a final goodbye

Jim Moody reviews, Dominga Sotomayor (director) 'Thursday till Sunday', general release

Lee Rock interview: Fight against victimisation

Lee Rock, a principled grassroots rep in the Public and Commercial Services union, was dismissed for ‘unsatisfactory attendance’ in February. PCS believes he was sacked primarily because of his union role at the Sheffield contact centre. He spoke to Tina Becker about his campaign for reinstatement

Writer's cramp

Robbie Rix is glad to see the progress we are making towards our target. Keep pushing comrades!

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