Feminism debate: A useless product of 1970s radicalism

From women’s liberation to bureaucratic feminism - Mike Macnair examines the process that produced the witch-hunting of ‘rape deniers’

This is a contribution to the discussion on the uses of the word, ‘feminism’, which is currently going on among the left. The discussion has been triggered by the Socialist Workers Party leadership’s use of it as a smear term to attack SWP oppositionists - and, by way of entirely predictable negative dialectical response, has produced a smear campaign against the SWP as a whole as ‘rape deniers’, and so on, and the beginnings of a ‘no platform for SWPers’ campaign. This paper’s sharp criticism of this response has produced a debate ongoing in this paper’s letters column.

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Extinction; Naive dupe; Emancipatory; Safe everywhere; Women trouble; Respects ; Fruitbat; Press freedom?

BBC class survey: Old wine in new bottles

Eddie Ford is not impressed by the BBC’s ‘great British class survey’

Democratic centralism: Fortunes of a formula

How did 'democratic centralism' become 'democratic centralism'? Lars T Lih looks at the changing use of the phrase by the Bolsheviks

Appeal from the editor

Peter Manson, editor of the Weekly Worker, welcomes the latest contributions to our legal fund

Paolo Di Canio: Explicable politics of extremism

Opponents of Paolo Di Canio’s appointment as Sunderland manager have been voicing a set of highly blinkered ideas and strategies, argues Lawrence Parker

Italian political paralysis: Another papal conclave

Toby Abse reports on the backstabbing and intrigue, as Italian politics remains in paralysis

Mick Philpott: Class war offensive on benefits

The Tories and their allies in the media have made full use of the tragic death of six children to attack welfare in general, writes Michael Copestake

Thatcher: Obituary

The politics of revenge are understandable, but futile, argues Peter Manson. It is not individual representatives of capitalism that need ‘getting’: it is capitalism itself

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