Every little

Last months target was missed, but Robbie Rix knows we can make up the difference

Despite a valiant last-minute effort from a number of supporters, we fell slightly short of our £1,500 fighting fund target for March. But we did manage to raise a pretty useful £236 in just three days, taking our total to £1,340.

The biggest donor was YM, who wrote a cheque for the unusual sum of £96, while KL and PN took my advice last week and used PayPal to donate £50 and £20 respectively (they were among 11,977 who read us online last week, by the way). Comrade RB added £15 to his subscription cheque, and the standing orders from PM (£30), SP (£20) and CC (£5) made up the rest.

I can’t stress enough that a failure to raise the full amount every month leaves us with a big problem. That figure of £1,500 is, near enough, what we actually need. Which means we now have to ensure we make good the deficit in April. But we have got off to a reasonable start, thanks to the flurry of standing orders that come in at the beginning of the month. Sixteen comrades have produced £222 in all, in amounts ranging from £6 to £30 - all quite modest, so it just shows how every little helps!

But we need to keep going at this pace. Don’t forget, the target for April is no longer £1,500. Including the March shortfall, we now need £1,660. I know you can do it!