WW archive > Issue 956 - 04 April 2013

Feminism: The world of women, like the world of men, is divided

Paul Demarty calls for the unity of men and women in the fight for the self-liberation of the working class


Just names; Masculinism; Bogey Bowler; Lenin’s levity; Solid feet; SWP, SWP, SWP; Anti-imperialism; Greens left me; Joined up

Welfare cuts: Housing should be a basic human right

The cuts to housing benefit are cruel and irrational, says Michael Copestake

Appeal from the editor

Weekly Worker editor Peter Manson provides an update

Anti-cuts movement: Frontism produces no lasting gains

What can we expect from the People’s Assembly? Dave Isaacson looks at the June 22 build-up

South African left: Attempt to go round already existing mass organisations

Wasp might be able to sting the SACP/Cosatu bureaucracy. But, asks Peter Manson, can it become a mass party capable of leading a socialist revolution?

North Korea stand-off: Obama raises the stakes

US provocation in the Korean peninsula has the potential to destabilise the entire region, argues Eddie Ford

Scottish independence: Those wanting a break-up will be disappointed, whatever outcome

What position should communists take on next year’s referendum? Sarah McDonald urges a boycott

Sex review: Left feeling unfulfilled

Janice Sheldon reviews: Kate Gould, 'Exposing phallacy: flashing in contemporary culture', Zero Books, 2012, pp74, £9.99

Left unity appeal: Realise potential, avoid pitfalls

The Left Unity appeal has gathered a promising level of support, but runs the risk of repeating past mistakes, argues Harley Filben

Every little

Last months target was missed, but Robbie Rix knows we can make up the difference

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