WW archive > Issue 955 - 28 March 2013

Leveson and media: Long live the free press

It is possible that the new press regulations will be dead on arrival - and just as well, writes Paul Demarty


Female-led; 21st century; Past bullies; Kollontai; Petty; Severed; Proud; Same

The left: Loach makes his bid for unity

Can anything positive arise from the SWP crisis? Peter Manson believes it can if we stick to our principles

Appeal from the editor

Peter Manson sees the support our readers have given us so far, and gives an update

Learning and struggle: Stalinism, sectarianism and Marxist education

There exists a dialectical relationship between deepening Marxist understanding and the fight for a Marxist party, argues Paul B Smith

EU bailout: After Cyprus, who next?

Of course, writes Eddie Ford, the troika bailout is ‘unique’ and ‘exceptional’ - just like all the others

Syriza in London: Tsipras and his reformist alternative

With sections of the left looking to Greece for an example of the kind of organisation we need, Callum Williamson went to hear what the Syriza leader had to say

Rome, empire and christianity: Politics of poverty and purity

Mike Macnair reviews: Peter Brown, 'Through the eye of a needle: wealth, the fall of Rome and the making of Christianity in the west, 350-550 AD'. Princeton 2012, pp758, £27.95

Review: Nation-states, globalised capital and a former Marxist

Moshé Machover reviews, Nigel Harris: 'The return of cosmopolitan capital'. IB Tauris 2003, pp292, £24.50

Turkey and Kurds: Imperialism welcomes deal

Yassamine Mather looks at the new PKK ceasefire and what it means

Act now

This months fighting fund urgently needs a boost if we are to hit our target, reports Robbie Rix

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