Reaching target?

Fighting fund: Eyes open

Robbie Rix is always happy to get feedback from our supporters

“This is to thank you for your brilliant coverage of the SWP crisis,” writes comrade TG in the note accompanying her £50 cheque. She says that she has recently started to visit our website “every Thursday afternoon” and “as a long-time supporter [of the SWP] it has really opened my eyes.”

I’ve previously reported the Weekly Worker’s increased web readership recently and linked it to that SWP coverage. But this is the first time that someone has put it in so many words. Last week we had 15,215 online readers and the biggest slice of them was indeed recorded last Thursday (that’s the day the new issue comes out, of course!).

I also got a £20 cheque from comrade RT and another for £10 from PL, which was added to his resubscription. But the most money came, as usual, from our standing order donors - thanks this week to SK, MM, MKS, JD, SP and DW for your collective contribution of £355.

All in all, £435 has landed in our account this week, taking our March fighting fund to £937. But we need £1,500 a month to meet our running costs and there are only 10 days left. Does anyone fancy writing us a cheque, clicking on the PayPal link on our website, or making an online transfer? How about adding your name to our growing list of standing order supporters?