WW archive > Issue 954 - 21 March 2013

Pope Francis: Silence equals complicity

Far from being a new broom or ‘reformer’, writes Eddie Ford, the new pope is a reactionary to his marrow


Safe space; Rape sanity; Aunty Tom; Dinosaur; Ad feminem; Alpha-males; Full frontal; Unsanctioned; Playing politics

Lee Rock: Campaign against victimisation takes off

Tina Becker reports on the campaign to reinstate Sheffield PCS union rep and Weekly Worker supporter Lee Rock

'Anti-imperialist united front': No inherent connection with the working class

Ten years after the height of the mobilisation against the Iraq war, Mike Macnair calls for an end to the politics of the ‘anti-imperialist united front’

SWP and no platform: Meanwhile, in the real world ...

The intensifying feminist offensive against the far left is the bitter fruit of our collective political mistakes, argues Paul Demarty

PCS strike: PCS goes it alone

Civil servants are striking for a decent pay rise and to defend pay and conditions. But, asks Dave Vincent, will the current strategy win?

Appeal from the editor

As part of our appeal for assistance with legal costs, Weekly Worker editor Peter Manson provides an update

Student elections: Campaigning for communism

Communist Students member Callum Williamson reports on his campaign during the Univeristy of Westminster Union student elections

Italian political crisis: Anti-working class stalemate

The contending parties cannot agree on how to make workers pay for the crisis. Toby Abse reports

Free Derry review: Freedom for a year

David Douglass reviews: Adrian Kerr, 'Free Derry: protest and resistance'. Guildhall Press, 2013, pp224, £11.95

SWP leadership crisis: If you don’t talk about it ...

Peter Manson thinks that the SWP leadership needs to stop doing its ostrich impression

Fighting fund: Eyes open

Robbie Rix is always happy to get feedback from our supporters

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