WW archive > Issue 944 - 27 December 2012

SWP conference: Comrades in the SWP, rebel!

The central committee was delivered a body blow at this weekend’s conference - but for dissidents the fight must go on, argues Paul Demarty


SWP crisis; Slate system; Party line; So many groups; Quote, unquote; ‘Anti-Germans’?; Agitation; Divide and rule; Chastened

'Official' CPGB History: Scotching the myths

The history of the ‘official’ CPGB was much more complex than ‘tankies versus Euros’. This is the book-launch speech given by Lawrence Parker in December

SWP's Tom Walker: Why I am resigning

Tom Walker, (now former) Socialist Worker journalist, argues that the time has come to leave the SWP

Israel-Palestine: Race against history

What future for Israel? asks Moshé Machover

Moshé Machover review: The intersemitic crisis

Chris Gray reviews: Moshé Machover, 'Israelis and Palestinians: conflict and resolution', Haymarket Books, 2012, pp327, £17.99

USSR polemic: In defence of defencism

The Soviet Union did indeed feature a form a form of planning, argues Jim Creegan in his reply to Paul Flewers

NUM in court: Arthur Scargill’s dacha debacle

David Douglass comments on the decline and fall of Arthur Scargill's reputation

SUPPLEMENT: Origins of the crisis in the SWP - part one

The Soviet Union question

Fighting fund: Hefty support

Robbie Rix is pleased to see comrades starting the first fighting fund of the year with a bang

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