WW archive > Issue 937 - 08 November 2012

SWP conference: An anatomical investigation

A minority of SWP comrades are taking advantage of their right to put their views before the membership once a year. Peter Manson reviews the latest Pre-conference Bulletin


Invisible left; Rape solution; Crisis dogma; Nasty recipe; The apprentice

Pay: Living wage farce

Minimum pay should be determined by workers’ commissions, argues Michael Copestake

Socialist Party: A friendly, successful but programmatically adrift event

Mark Fischer gives his impression of Socialism 2012

Socialist Party: Unity of the left can wait

No it cannot, says Peter Manson

Socialist Party: Joining the nationalist bandwagon

Sarah McDonald reports on SPEW's commitment to socialism in one country

Socialism 2012: Labour: for a ‘civil war’

Is TUSC the new Labour Party? Mark Fischer reports from a Socialism 2012 session on Labour

Socialist Party: Economist republicanism

The Socialist Party's economism was on full display during a session on the monarchy and the state reports Peter Manson

Socialist Party: Fascism v Labourism

Maciej Zurowski finds that the Socialist Party will oppose nationalist politics and Keynesianism with Marxism...in a future new Labour party

Socialist Party: Euro confusion reigns

Harley Filben reports from a Socialism 2012 session on Europe and the euro

Socialist Party: On a publicity high

In an interesting session on events in South Africa and the local CWI body the Democratic Socialist Movement, Peter Manson thinks that a more serious approach to the SACP is needed

EU budget: ‘Official communists’ welcome Miliband’s conversion to austerity

Europhobes of all political hues have tasted blood following the coalition government’s defeat over the EU budget, writes Eddie Ford

Australian SA: Regroupment in a revolutionary party

Have the hard-line ‘Cliffite sectarians’ seen the light?

Obama election: Return of a rational reactionary

The absence of a viable working class alternative means American voters are treated as fools, argues Paul Demarty


Will your solidarity be music to Robbie Rix's ears?

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