WW archive > Issue 925 - 02 August 2012

Imperialism, capitalism and war

Mike Macnair examines the paradox of the rational irrationalism of US foreign policy


More symptoms; Principled unity; State cap retort; False analogy; Apologise!; Bittersweet pill; Workers’ coach; Recruit women; Solidarity; Hero

Establishment’s contradictory coup

The Olympic opening ceremony represented another rearticulation of post-World War II British national identity, argues Eddie Ford

Behind the ‘spectacular success’

Shawn Carter documents the mistreatment of Critical Mass cyclists, including himself

Where is the left?

As Syria descends into bloody chaos, confusion lingers on, writes Paul Demarty

Fall of Assad could see break-up

Intercommunal conflict could change the shape of the borders throughout the region, argues Esen Uslu

The passing of a liquidationist scheme

The Anti-Capitalist Initiative is not long for this world. Peter Manson reports on the departure of its largest component

Mosaic of struggles

David Douglass reviews: Keith Armstrong and Peter Dixon (eds) Still the sea rolls on: the Hartley pit calamity of 1862 Northern Voices Community Projects, 2012, pp64, £7.99 Gordon MacPherson Fight to the finish: the life, poems and stories of an east Durham miner Northern Voices Community Projects, 2012, £5

Stepping up the threats

The upcoming US Presidential elections are only ratcheting up the threat of military action against Iran reports Yassamine Mather

Summer Offensive

Feel the Pain - do it anyway. Mark Fischer gives an update on the Summer Offensive

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