Desperate need

Our fighting fund target is the minimum we need, says Robbie Rix.

We received a nice little note this week from comrade BW, who, while he has decided to cancel his subscription to the paper, sent us a £15 cheque in the hope that, in some small way, it will help “progress towards the formation of a united Marxist party”, for which there is a “desperate need”. I’m sorry you’re cancelling your sub, comrade, but the sentiment is spot on.

I received three other contributions by cheque for the fighting fund this week - from KL (£20), SJ and TP (£10 each). Then there was a total of £355 in standing order donations (over £300 of which coming from just two comrades - thank you, MM and SK). And I also received a new standing order form for £8 a month from DT - another little boost towards our target of £1,500 each month!

Finally there were two donations made via our website - a welcome £25 from SR, plus a tenner from TP. They were amongst 9,273 online readers last week (yes, our web readership has fallen below the 10,000 mark again). But all that takes our June total to £1,075, which means we still need to raise £425 in just over a week. We need the full one and a half grand just to meet our running costs - and keep up the fight for a united Marxist party.