WW archive > Issue 919 - 21 June 2012

Use stalemate to rebuild

Homayoun Azad sees a parallel with Iran in the Egyptian presidential election


Phantoms; What decline?; Sex Tory; Power of women; Student sparks

Police commissioners or citizen militias

Jim Moody of Labour Party Marxists contrasts state policing with extreme democracy

High noon for the euro

The G20 summit has seen desperate, last-minute moves to prevent debt catastrophe engulfing Spain and Italy, writes Eddie Ford. But is it just more rhetoric?

A bus drivers crisis

On the eve of the June 22 London bus drivers strike Gerry Downing reports on the plight of one not so untypical worker

Taking up extreme opposition

The victory of the troika's patsies in the Greek elections should be met with determined class resistance - across Europe, argues Paul Demarty

A blunder of historic proportions

Voting for the Muslim Brotherhood was a vote for a party of counterrevolution, not the revolution. Jack Conrad examines MB's origins, ideas and evolution

Grigory Zinoviev at his best

John Riddell reviews: Ben Lewis and Lars T Lih (eds), 'Zinoviev and Martov: head to head in Halle', November Publications, 2011, pp229,

Arab spring in retreat

All the evidence points to the ascendancy of counterrevolutionary forces in Syria, writes Peter Manson

Manifesto for disobedient writers

Simon Turley reviews: Lisa Goldman, 'The no rules handbook for writers', Oberon Books, 2012, pp256,

Desperate need

Our fighting fund target is the minimum we need, says Robbie Rix.

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