A faction is not a party

Did the Bolsheviks seek to create a 'party of a new type' in 1912? Lars T Lih looks at the historical record

In recent online debate, the question of Lenin’s thoughts on the relation between Bolshevism and the party as a whole has come up frequently. I would like to shed some light on this question by examining his views at three different points: 1912, 1917 and 1920. In this first instalment I look at material from 1912.

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Illusion; Sect who?; Expose them; Racist workers; Peak foil

Sectarian stumbling block

Anne McShane reports on the future of the Irish ULA

Getting close to the edge

With the UK officially entering a double-dip recession and European voters turning against austerity, writes Eddie Ford, crisis is everywhere

Ditch sects and fronts

Last Saturday's launch of the Anti-Capitalist Initiative provided further evidence of an increasingly fractured, rightward-drifting left. Ben Lewis reports

Abolish the second chamber

Whether partly elected or not, the House of Lords will continue to impose checks and balances against democracy, writes Peter Manson

Murdoch bites back

The News International owner has his moment of revenge on David Cameron writes Paul Demarty - but the establishment is the real victim

War threats and Iran's impoverished workers

The Iranian people are the main victims of the sanctions campaign, insists Majid Tamjidi

Perspectives for the left

Where does George Galloway's election victory leave us? What does the CPGB say about recent resignations from its ranks? Michael Copestake reports on last weekend's aggregate meeting of members

Subbing subbers

Robbie Rix knows that a standing order is best

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