WW archive > Issue 908 - 05 April 2012

Galloway shows what can be done

How can the left make the most of the Bradford West result? Peter Manson joins the debate


Arrogance; Past our peak; Left-right; Still no answers; No favours

Racism as thoughtcrime

In the light of the jailing of Liam Stacey for making racist comments on twitter about footballer and recent heart attack victim Fabrice Muamba , Paul Demarty takes a look at official ant-racism and the attitude of Marxists.

Pouring oil on stormy waters

The government's supposed 'Thatcher moment' has backfired spectacularly, writes Eddie Ford

1912 and 2012

Paul Le Blanc argues that the Bolsheviks constituted themselves as a separate party at the Prague conference and advocates a 'united front' for today's disunited Marxist left

Both Pham Binh and Paul Le Blanc are wrong

The left has never properly grasped the history and significance of Bolshevism, argues Mike Macnair

Support the Syrian fight for freedom

Tarabut-Hithabrut, the Tel Aviv-based "Arab-Jewish movement for social and political change", takes on leftwing objectors to the Syrian uprising


With a hole to plug in the fighting fund, Robbie Rix asks comrades to step up and show support.

Breaking with the cold war consensus

Has today's anti-Stalinist left sleepwalked into a Stalinoid conception of 'Bolshevism'? This is an edited and expanded version of the speech delivered by the CPGB's Ben Lewis to the March 31-April 1 Platypus convention in Chicago

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