Expulsion and exclusion as war threat grows

The SWP no longer controls Stop the War, writes Peter Manson, but its successors still practise SWP-style bureaucratism

Last weekend’s Stop the War Coalition conference demonstrated that, while the anti-war movement has undoubtedly seen a big drop in mobilised support, there remains a hard core of local activists still meeting and organising. There are STWC branches engaged in some kind of activity in more than 50 urban centres and a fair proportion of them were represented at the March 3 conference in London.

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Left cover; Wrong, wrong; Not political?; Quick fix; Disdainful; 'Child' labour; Cut out cutters; Labour move; What next?

Imperialism before Lenin

Mike Macnair reviews: Richard B Day and Daniel Gaido (editors and translators) Discovering imperialism: social democracy to World War I Brill 2012, Historical Materialism book series, Vol 33, pp951,

Pre-revolutionary situation triggers talk of a coup

Whether or not Athens 'selectively' defaults this week, writes Eddie Ford, the working class is refusing to be ruled in the old way

Not our friend

Cat Rylance's speech to the 2012 STWC conference on behalf of Communist Students

Little problems

The Weekly Worker website has had minor technical difficulties and is moving to a new office. Why not help smooth the road with some spare pennies, asks Robbie Rix.

The last president?

The latest rigged elections have produced a predictable result as Supreme Leader Khamenei consolidates his power, says Yassamine Mather.

Silencing voices

Workers Power is again embroiled in internal disputes. James Turley asks why it insists on hiding its internal differences

Striking on March 28 is not enough

Dave Vincent applauds the leadership style of Mark Serwotka and calls for electoral opposition to the cuts

Doing their job

Tina Becker's speech to the 2012 STWC conference on behalf of the CPGB

Rifondazione opposes rail link

Workers' discontent has found an unexpected outlet, notes Toby Abse

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