WW archive > Issue 898 - 26 January 2012

Overcoming despair

Paul B Smith concludes his three-part article on the challenge of class-consciousness


Good company; Debilitating; MIA parrot; Stalinist!; Rumour mill; Yachts up; Where are you?; Consensus; Rated; Big picture

Science and the square wheel

James Turley is not impressed by the resurfacing of 'male aggression' myths

No war on Iran! For regime change from below!

Make your voice heard against war and repression, urges Hands Off the People of Iran chair, Yassamine Mather

Left Zionism exposed

Leandros Fischer reviews 'False prophets of peace: liberal Zionism and the struggle', Tikva Honig-Parnassfor, Palestine Haymarket Books, 2011, pp264,

Left goes back to school

Michael Copestake reports on the CPGB's Marxist political economy weekend event

Entering the danger zone again

All the signs are that the ongoing euro crisis is dragging the world economy into recession, writes Eddie Ford

Muddle, passivity, conformity

The SWP's annual conference was a big let-down following the positive ideas put forward in the final pre-conference internal bulletin. Peter Manson reports

Supplementary praise

Robbie Rix is impressed by our readers' generosity. But we need more...

Postscript to demise

Esen Uslu recounts the sad story of the Communist Party of Turkey

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