WW archive > Issue 896 - 12 January 2012

Of kings and Kims

Given the media's love of pomp and circumstance - and hereditary monarchy - there is no little hypocrisy in its mocking of North Korea, argues Eddie Ford


Nationalism; Not so easy; Gulag bait; Wet dreams; Cover-up; Cheesy; Ologies; HM puzzle; So modest; Too kind

Sovereign busworkers fight back

Gerry Downing, secretary of Grass Roots Left, calls for the rank and file to act against union sell-outs

Politics of fear and despair

Paul B Smith calls on the left to face up to the challenge of class-consciousness. This is the first part of a three-part article

Glasman's new old pantomime

Blogger Steve Hanson critiques Maurice Glasman's take on Labour, race and class


Robbie Rix looks forward to the year ahead

No surrender on article 18

Toby Abse reports on the intransigent defence of Italy's Workers' Statute coming from an unexpected source

A load of old balls

Racism persists in society - but, as recent scandals show, serious analysis has been replaced by moral hysteria, argues James Turley

Preparing for the second wave

December saw huge protests in Moscow and St Petersburg against the rigging of the elections to the duma. Mark Fischer asked Russian socialist Boris Kagarlitsky about their significance

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