Slaughter by austerity butchers

The "Merkozy" plan for greater "fiscal union" looks set to be another failure, writes Eddie Ford

With the clock ticking loudly against the euro zone project, if not the continued existence of the actual European Union itself, European leaders are - yet again - holding crunch, ‘make or break’ talks on how to resolve the crisis. Déjà vu. There are wide expectations therefore that the European Central Bank’s December 8 monthly policy meeting will outline new measures and then on December 9 there will be a crucial - excuse the cliché - EU summit in Brussels.

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Learn Marxism; Pro-Mugabe; Writing on wall; Percentages; Third way; Key figure

Keynesian fantasies are no substitute

The Fine Gael/Labour coalition has unveiled the country's fifth austerity budget. Despite that the leading factions of the ULA continue to dither, writes Anne Mc Shane

Defence of the nation-state

Dave Douglass reviews VN Gelis "How the IMF broke Greece: eyewitness reports and role of the fake left" 2011, pp222,

Two to come

There will be a bumper Christmas issue of the 'Weekly Worker'. Robbie Rix calls on our readers to show their appreciation

Islamist election successes have lessons for left

Socialists need to play the long game, argues James Turley

Budget assault ups the ante

Almost all Italian parties have fallen in behind the attacks fronted by the new government of technocrats, reports Toby Abse

Embassy stunt backfires

The attack on two diplomatic compounds was a gift to the imperialists, writes Yassamine Mather

Three decades of open struggle

CPGB national organiser Mark Fischer looks back to the founding of the Weekly Worker's forerunner

Keep quiet and drive

There have been calls for Jeremy Clarkson to be sacked and hauled before the courts for his 'shoot the strikers' tirade. Harley Filben disagrees

The disappearing slogan

Whatever happened to 'All out, stay out'? Peter Manson investigates

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