WW archive > Issue 881 - 15 September 2011

Side with working class or, in the name of god, go

The TUC congress represented a positive step towards united working class resistance against coalition attacks, writes Peter Manson


Sleight of hand; Facile; Load of testicles; Saxon plumbing; Dogma; Co-op coal; Capital idea; British road; EDL invasion; Plane view; Pension fight

This shit is actually true

John Masters reviews Alexei Sayle's 'Stalin ate my homework' Sceptre 2011, pp304, £8.99

Double standards

James Turley examines the atrocities in Basra

Tinkering at the edges

The Vickers report confirms that it is the system itself that is bankrupt, writes Eddie Ford

Getting started in Caerphilly

The CPGB carried its revolutionary slogans against the gloom and despair of defeats in 1921

Israel and Iran talk up threats

Iran is keen to divert attention onto the 'foreign enemy', writes Yassamine Mather

Batting and bowling for Iran's workers

Ben Lewis took part in an annual event that has become a key part of the extremely important work done for Workers Fund Iran


Our September fund total has more than doubled, reports Robbie Rix

A hypothesis to change the world

Mike Macnair explains the thinking behind the new version of the CPGB's Draft programme

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