WW archive > Issue 878 - 11 August 2011

A fleeting moment of power, pure joy and fulfilment

Our movement needs to provide hope for a generation of young people who have lost all hope - that can only be done by making real our vision of working class rule and socialism, argues Peter Manson


Predicament; Guns down; David XVI; Leftism?; Party peak; Extreme; Miner issue; Hyper-globalist; Expose them; Same mistake

Head to head in Halle

Helping to deepen our understanding of a crucial chapter in the history of the European working class movement

Stock market panics and the danger of another recession

The loss of its triple A credit rating is symbolic of the decline of US hegemony and therefore of capitalism as a system, argues Eddie Ford

Washington paralysis: a geriatric disorder

Jim Creegan looks at the battle of the budget ceiling and the intransigence of the Tea Partiers

Set to hit target

Now we are on the last leg, writes Mark Fischer

Defending Marxist Hegelianism against a Marxist critique

Chris Cutrone of the US Platypus group takes issue with Mike Macnair

Labour debate: diversionary and doomed to fail

Labour is not moving to the left or opening up, says Chris Strafford. We need a rethink and a plan B

Labour debate: repackaging of a tenuous argument

James Turley responds to Chris Strafford

Support Israeli protest movement without illusions

Tony Greenstein argues that there is no such thing as the Israeli Jewish nation

Tottenham protest sparked it all

Maciej Zurowski encountered angry locals and grinning cops

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