WW archive > Issue 877 - 04 August 2011

A regulator with teeth: are you crazy?

There is no ahistorical code of 'press ethics' which can come out of this farrago, writes James Turley


Deception; Psychos; Myopic; CPGB Labourism

Kavanagh's shameful letter

Force the union to act in defence of Abdul Omer Mohsin, urges AJ Byrne

Union mergers need democracy

With the RMT and TSSA moving towards a merger, Chris Strafford calls for democratic unity from below in the workers' movement

First they came for the anarchists

Maciej Zurowski spoke to Donnacha DeLong, anarchist and NUJ President

The day of ragged processions is over

In 1921 the CPGB was instrumental in forming the National Unemployed Workers' Committee Movement

Giving up on Unison

Members of the Socialist Party in England and Wales employed by two local councils in London have resigned from Britain's largest public sector union. Peter Manson sees a parallel in SPEW's abandonment of Labour

Lenin's strategy: illusory or realistic?

Mike Macnair reviews Lars T Lih's 'Lenin' Reaktion Books, Critical lives series, London 2011, pp234,

Comrade Williams and the world of things

This paper champions genuine Marxism, states Mark Fischer

Sugar-coated Satan sandwich

Obama has signed up to a vicious cuts programme that takes the US to the brink of a double-dip recession. Eddie Ford examines the debt deal

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