WW archive > Issue 856 - 10 March 2011

The unfolding Arab revolution

In the Middle East and north Africa we are not witnessing a series of disconnected protests, movements and uprisings, maintains Eddie Ford


Not Marxist; Pool resources; Class identity; Poppy fetish; Conflagration; Right royal; Conspiracy; Centre ground; Marxist culture; Workers' interests

Few blue

Robbie Rix points out that three out of 12,273 readers sent gifts

Another nail in the coffin

Political oblivion looms large, writes James Turley

The CPGB and parliament

A challenge to naive, left-communist anti-parliamentarianism

'Islamic feminism' and women's emancipation

Yassamine Mather examines the reality of the continuing struggle against the regime's oppression

Socialism means winning the majority

Winning a 'yes' vote in the May 5 referendum on AV should be seen as part of the battle for extreme democracy, writes Peter Manson

'Anti-Zionist' holocaust denier

Israeli jazz musician Gilad Atzmon represents a small but important current within the broader Palestine solidarity movement, writes Tony Greenstein. He sees the oppression of the Palestinians as being due to something inherent in Jewishness

Build student assemblies

Both before and after March 26, the London Student Assembly can serve as a broad model for organising on campus, writes Ben Lewis

Tactics and the Great Strike

Ian Isaac responds to David Douglass's review of his book, 'When we were miners'

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