WW archive > Issue 852 - 10 February 2011

Revolution in permanence

As vice-president Omar Suleiman threatens an army coup, the workers needs to push the democratic revolution further and further, deeper and deeper, writes Eddie Ford


Class algebra; Real enemy; Tahrir Park; Wrong shout; Old insult; For Chomsky

Divisive dead-end

Should the left 'defend multiculturalism'? James Turley looks at the reactions to David Cameron's weekend speech

Dismissing the potential of Labour

Two comrades take issue with the CPGB's perspectives of transforming the Labour Party into a real party of labour

Mobilise the majority

Ben Lewis reports on the lack of ambition witnessed at the seventh London Student Assembly

Stepping up solidarity

John McDonnell MP will launch a new campaign at the Hands Off the People of Iran annual conference this coming Saturday (February 12), reports Yassamine Mather

Fear of the masses

There is one thing that unites Israel, Hamas and Fatah, writes Tony Greenstein - opposition to the Egyptian revolution

Shell out

Robbie Rix wants 800 quid by the end of the month

Philanthrocapitalist manifesto

Giving money to the arts enables capitalists to launder their ideology. But, asks Gordon Downie, what effect does this have on creative output?

So we should all join Labour?

Dave Vincent gives his view

Radical-reformist Kautskyites

Gerry Downing accuses the CPGB of reformism

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