Shell out

Robbie Rix wants 800 quid by the end of the month

According to Labour leader Ed Miliband, the Tories are cutting "too far and too fast". Obviously he thinks they should reduce that £81 billion target a bit and extend the four-year implementation period by a few months. That would mean that collectively we would not be quite so much worse off.

At a time when even the voluntary sector - which David Cameron's 'big society' was supposed to boost - is crying blue murder, it's not surprising that the Weekly Worker's readers are feeling the pinch. Our supporters are overwhelmingly working class, so donating to our fighting fund often means making a real sacrifice. Nevertheless, that is what our readers are doing.

Over the last seven days I have received more pledges of new or increased standing order payments - thanks to DY, GD and GS, whose extra contributions will see our monthly total rise by £28. Of course, not all of those who have promised a new SO have actually delivered, so I am hoping all those comrades who have so far agreed to help out will be as good as their word.

This week the total that arrived in our bank account in regular payments amounted to exactly £100, and I also received cheques from CK (£50), RG (£25), KL (£20) and BN (£10). So our total increased by £205 - up to £461 in all, towards our monthly target of £1,250. A long way to go obviously.

Readers may have noticed that I haven't mentioned any donations received via our website. That's because there weren't any. This despite a clear increase in our online readership last week to 14,329. Excellent. But we need a good few of those people to show their appreciation and get out that little piece of plastic.

There are two and a half weeks remaining to raise the £800 we still need and I could do with some of those internet comrades to come out of their shells.