WW archive > Issue 845 - 09 December 2010

Hands off Assange

US imperialism's attempts to shut down Wikileaks must be defeated, argues Eddie Ford


Correction; No leadership; New positions; Kurds targeted; If only; Ben's drivel; Get on up

Tyneside bairn goes ghost dancing

Tom Pickard reviews David Douglass's 'Ghost dancers: the miners' last generation part 3: Stardust and coaldust' Christiebooks, 2010, pp540, £12.95

Unison and the politics of class

Why does a leading member of Socialist Resistance give her backing to a free-market attack on the disabled and elderly? Tony Greenstein reports on Unison's support for the 'personalisation' of care

Lions, foxes, and asses

Wikileaks confirms that the Tehran regime's nuclear programme is dangerous and ought to be opposed by socialists, writes Yassamine Mather

Insult to injury

No wool over your eyes here, says Robbie Rix

The second death of Liberal England

The weakness of the Liberal Democrats benefits the Tories more than the workers' movement, argues James Turley

Leaving the sects behind

CPGB first congress : Unity negotiations report

Still not coming home

Harley Filben looks at the furore surrounding England's failed bid for the World Cup

Their finest hour?

The end of World War II saw an angry rebellion developing among the 'official' Communist Party's rank and file, writes Lawrence Parker

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