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Sanctions siege turns into cyberwarfare

The Stuxnet virus is a new form of warfare. Instead of Iran being attacked by planes and missiles it has been USBs. Yassamine Mather reports


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Thanks for the flurry

Disagreements are not shameful, private matters, suggests Robbie Rix

What the left thinks of Ed

Jim Gilbert rounds up the response of the left to Labour's new leader

Why I am not an Israeli peace activist

Genuine socialists fight against the Zionist project, writes Moshé Machover

Divided we stand

We have better solutions, asserts James Turley

'April theses': myth and reality

Many on the left see Lenin as undergoing a conversion to Trotskyism in 1917. Lars T Lih takes on this myth and reveals a Lenin, who while converging with Trotsky in certain respects, still has a different strategy. There is also the possible influence Kautsky exerted on Lenin

Tails and wagging dogs

The Birmingham conference reveals the tensions and divisions over the coalition government, writes Eddie Ford

M-theory and god

Anthony Rose reviews Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow's 'The Grand Design' Bantam Press 2010, pp208, £18.99 hbk

Splits and fusion

Forging a united Communist Party in 1920 involved principled splits as comrades put partyist revolutionary unity above sect loyalty

Road to nowhere "“ the never ending 'peace talks'

Tony Greenstein examines a war by other means

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