WW archive > Issue 833 - 16 September 2010

Debating the Labour leadership contest

Opposition to the CPGB call to give a critical vote for Diane Abbott is based on leftist abstentionism, argues Peter Manson


Tirade; Workers' control; Long live Joe; Disgusting; Pro-war; White workers


Robbie Rix had a healthier than usual mailbag

Strike back against the empire

Place newspapers in the hands of journalists and printworkers, demands James Turley

Neoliberal ghosts and the art of brevity

Jack Conrad answers criticisms of the CPGB's Draft programme in the second of a three-part article

Light and air of political freedom

North American scholar Lars T Lih explores the varying attitude of Marxists towards universal suffrage, freedom of the press and freedom of association

Much ado about nothing

The result of the referendum is no victory for democracy, reports Esen Uslu

No to crude anti-Catholicism

Once on the outside, the Catholic church is now part of the British establishment. Eddie Ford looks at the relevance of the papal visit

No vote for Abbott

Eleven CPGB comrades dissent

Build on TUC anti-cuts vote

Jim Gilbert recognises a task for the whole movement

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