Robbie Rix had a healthier than usual mailbag

My appeal last week for 20 online readers to donate a fiver did not quite meet with the success I was relying on. True, three of you answered my plea, adding £15 to our September total (thanks to PL, NJ and FS). On top of that there was IT’s £10, also made via PayPal. (This week there were 9,978 internet readers, by the way, so we seem to be edging back to 10,000 mark and hopefully beyond again.)

But, despite this less than overwhelming response, a number of regular supporters did us proud, boosting our running total by £347 and taking us to £577 for this month’s fighting fund. But with half the month gone we are a bit down on where we ought to be, if we are to meet our £1,250 target for September.

My mailbag was healthier than usual, with big cheques from TR (£60) and MC (£50). The latter gift was actually a payment for translation work carried out by comrade Ben Lewis, which with typical selflessness he asked to be sent directly to the Weekly Worker. Then there were cheques from CM (£35), JH (£30), GR (£25) and TT (£20), plus the normal batch of standing order gifts, which this week amounted to £102.

All good stuff, but once again I would like to appeal to those web readers. There are lots of people like comrade Lewis sacrificing both time and money to ensure you get your paper every week, but it would be nice if our financial situation was a little more secure. We need the full £1,250 every month, but it would be nice to build up some reserves to fall back on, That would help us no end.

So last week there were only three takers for the fiver challenge (plus one tenner). How many more will rise to it this week?