Printing money

Readers have done us proud this month, reports Robbie Rix

Readers are asked to be patient and understanding over the next few weeks. For reasons beyond our control, we will be switching our printers from next week. While we are doing all in our power to ensure a smooth changeover, it may be that, as a result of unforeseen problems of a technical nature, we may encounter delays in production, resulting in late delivery of your Weekly Worker. There is no reason why the online version should be held up, however.

But, as always, change costs money. In this case, the new print arrangements are marginally more expensive (although, if we had not switched, our costs would have shot up), but there is also the short-term expense involved whenever new ways of working are adopted.

So it goes without saying that we are relying on our readers and supporters to see us through the change and help us raise the additional money to cover the extra immediate costs. And those readers have done us proud this month. With a day to go, we have exceeded our monthly target of £1,250, thanks to gifts from JD (whose £50 came in appreciation of the help he received from a CPGB comrade to prepare a publication) and a rather smaller, but still appreciated, £5 from DB, who added it to his resubscription.

Last week also saw a total of £90 come in via standing orders (thank you, GD, DO, JT and SB), but there were no donations received from our internet readers. This despite the fact that, for the second week in a row, our online readership has increased considerably over and above the 15,000 we have come to expect over recent months. We had 18,843 visitors over the last seven days.

Maybe some of these new readers will see their way to helping us out as we begin May’s fighting fund. We could certainly do with financial help, as well as understanding, over the next couple of weeks.