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Chomping; Libel; Liberal helping; Pilot error; The ABC of AV

Labour's black sheep

Laurie Smith went canvassing for John McDonnell

Griffin's eclectic manifesto

BNP policies owe as much to the mainstream as they do to its leaders' fascist past, writes Eddie Ford

Direct action

Phil Kent explains that the working class needs to be the class of democracy

Posing to the left

Nancy Platts is the Labour candidate for Brighton Pavilion, where she is opposed by Green Party leader Caroline Lucas, not to mention Arthur Scargill's Socialist Labour Party. While the CPGB will not recommend a vote for the petty bourgeois Greens, we will support any Labour candidate who meets our two conditions: opposition to all cuts in public services and an immediate withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan. Peter Manson spoke to her

Support Panahi

He deserves the support of all democrats, socialists, and genuine anti-imperialists, argues Tina Becker

Help not required?

Peter Manson reports on the welcome he received from Tusc campaigners in south London

Fractured left

While the main battle in Scotland will once more be between Labour and the SNP, rival left nationalists will also be slugging it out. Sarah McDonald reports

From an instrument of deception

Mike Macnair reviews the mainstream election campaign and the inadequate response of the left

Uniting the community

Jenny Sutton, the Tusc candidate in Tottenham, talked to Nick Rogers

The right to be offensive

Creeping censorship must be opposed - even if feelings get hurt, argues James Turley

Overcoming passivity

Bob Davies faced apathy, indifference, and hostility to politics while canvassing

Confidence and conscience clauses

Around 120 people attended the 'Women's question time' organised by Tower Hamlets Respect on Wednesday April 21. Ben Lewis was among them

May Day demands

Iran's workers will once again use May Day to remind the religious state and 'reformist' Islamists alike of their power, writes Yassamine Mather

Selected by a mass meeting

David Henry of the Hazel Must Go campaign is Tusc candidate for Salford and Eccles. Chris Strafford interviewed him

Printing money

Readers have done us proud this month, reports Robbie Rix

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