WW archive > Issue 811 - 01 April 2010

Proportional representation and Brown's opportunist ploy

What sort of electoral system should communists advocate? Moshé Machover - mathematician, lecturer in philosophy and leftwing activist - examines the alternatives to 'first past the post'


April fool; Flawed; Self-critical; Split it up; Juvenile; Heavy-handed; Condescending; Silly; Strategy change; Amok

Let diversity flourish on left

CPGB members from Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire are supporting Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition general election candidate Paul Crofts in the Wellingborough and Rushden constituency. Dave Isaacson spoke to him about the campaign

Misusing Marx and Engels

Allan Armstrong of the Scottish Socialist Party's international committee replies to Nick Rogers

SWPism without the SWP

Mark Fischer looks at the new project of Lindsey German and John Rees

Darling promises to be the kinder butcher

With Tory confusion on the economy, the general election looks to be very close, writes James Turley

Not the dawn of non-nuclear peace

Eddie Ford warns that the US-Russia agreement on nuclear arms is also about targeting Iran

Socialists in trade union clothing

Peter Manson was at the very modest official launch of the latest halfway house project

McDonnell campaign hots up

Tina Becker reports from Hayes and Harlington on the problem of distinguishing candidate from party

Church on the ropes

Pope Benedict XVI claims he is being targeted by a malicious smear campaign. Anne Mc Shane disagrees. The Catholic church is guilty of a criminal cover-up when it comes to child abuse

Taken for granted

Robbie Rix is disappointed to have fallen a bit short this month

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