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Military funds; No excuses; Real motive; Bash the fash; Glass darkly; Born yesterday; Bureaucracy; Killing age

Critical vote for Abjol

Respect's general election challenge is warming up in east London. Back from the campaign trail, Ben Lewis takes a look at Respect's politics and the people involved

Opposition to imperialism does not mean support for Ahmadinejad

Mohammad Reza Shalgouni is a founder-member of the Organisation of Revolutionary Workers of Iran (Rahe Kargar) and has been elected as a member of its central committee on a number of occasions. He spent nine years as a political prisoner in Iran under the shah and today is an active supporter of Hands Off the People of Iran. Yassamine Mather interviewed him for the Weekly Worker

Police ran riot in Bolton

The mobilisation against the English Defence League was attacked and kettled by a well planned police operation. Sinead Rylance and Chris Strafford report

Weyman Bennett should be criticised, not charged

The sorry farce in Bolton once again demonstrates that the anti-fascist left is not only disorganised, but politically disorientated, writes Eddie Ford

International fightback, not 'race to the bottom'

Elementary workplace struggles demand to be generalised, writes James Turley

Unity of Marxists around Marxism is urgently required

Mark Fischer calls for the left to learn the lessons of failure in order to meet the challenges that await the working class movement whichever party is elected

Whoring for business

Jim Moody finds yawning democratic gaps, including in Tusc policies

Wiping away a tear

Charlie Pottins reviews Shappi Khorsandi's A beginner's guide to acting English London 2009, pp330' £11.99

Pope's Irish child abuse letter met with walkouts

Anne Mc Shane argues that Ireland needs not less but more secularism. The clerical state must go


Robbie Rix welcomes this week's rise in standing orders

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