WW archive > Issue 795 - 26 November 2009

Hopi: fight on two fronts

Ben Lewis makes a call to truly champion the cause of the Iranian masses

Political response needed

James Turley expects a sudden rise in the pitch of industrial struggle after the general election

Tip of an iceberg

We must support the rebellions of brave individuals in the military, writes Jim Moody. But collective organisation is the key

Critical support for POA strikes

Are prison officers 'workers in uniform' or just agents of state oppression? Paul Greenaway argues for a nuanced approach and a strategy for splitting the state machine

Rehabilitation, not punishment

Prison does not work, writes Eddie Ford

Defend Rees-German and the Left Platform

Peter Manson looks at the organisational moves to pre-empt a full debate, the factional war in the latest Pre-conference Bulletin and the ending of the silence over Jane Loftus

Use it how you want

Is it a petition or a draft manifesto? Nick Rogers attended the grandiosely titled 'convention' to discuss the vagaries of the People's Charter

Undocumented workers victimised by Unite

In September 2009 the union Unite ordered the Latin American Workers Association to vacate without notice the office it had provided within its southeast region HQ. Its comrades explain the background

Masses force leaders to act

The difficulties faced by the Irish working class cannot be understated, writes Anne Mc Shane

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