WW archive > Issue 765 - 16 April 2009


No borders; Aspirational; Make a difference; Irrational; Steel and coal

Fighting Fund

Never soon enough, Robbie Rix reports

Attempt to damn Marxism backfires

Why has the Islamic regime released a book about the revolutionary Fedayeen? Yassamine Mather investigates

'Terror plot' ploy

James Turley calls for minority workers to organise in active unity as workers, in defence of the democratic rights of all

Do Kinnock and co back the miners?

In this article from the August 1984 issue of The Leninist, Michael McGeehan underlines the real role of the Labour and union bureaucracies - and of those who excused or covered for their treachery

Peccadilloes, smears, and scandals

Casually salacious blogging ruins MI5's deal with whips, writes Jim Moody

New onslaught on women

For the US administration and the Karzai government Afghan women's lives are utterly expendable. Anne McShane reports

Police lies laid bare

Chris Strafford identifies a virtual split in the ruling class over current police tactics that we should use

No road to a mass workers' party

Peter Manson reviews Peter Taaffe's Socialism and left unity Socialist Publications, London 2008, pp112, £6

Strategic lines and tactical slogans

Mike Macnair attempts to locate the CPGB debate on Israel-Palestine within overall Marxist theory

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