WW archive > Issue 763 - 02 April 2009


El Alamein; No longer vacillating; Burnt by bureaucratic centralism; Obnoxious anti-Euro platform; Trade mercy; Liverpool calling

Successes and shortcomings

Laurie McCauley and David Sabbagh describe the student occupation at Sheffield university

Mines: 'our' industry?

This article by Frank Grafton, from The Leninist of July 1984, was our first extensive intervention against the class-collaborationist politics that ostensibly underpinned the miners' Great Strike

Seven years of torture

Abolish MI5 and the whole secret state, writes James Turley

Fighting Fund


Egypt: Day of rage

We ask for solidarity from our brothers and sisters around the world, writes Ahmed Younis

Studying the past to grasp the future

Mike Macnair reviews Boris Kagarlitsky's Empire of the periphery: Russia and the world system London 2007, 384pp, £35

Socialist Party silent on left nationalism

Peter Manson exposes a mixture of popular frontism and 'socialism in one country' anti-EU nationalism

Protesters greet G20 prime ministers and presidents

Communists must do their utmost to overcome illusions in the potential for capitalism's top representatives to deliver, writes John Sidwell

Economic crisis fuels rank and file anger

Anne McShane identifies an urgent need for the left to fill the vacuum

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