WW archive > Issue 761 - 19 March 2009


Skewed; Rejigged Zionism; Trotsky faith; Further study; Hyperbole; Clean coal; Sloppy rubbish

Fighting Fund

Guilty as charged

Mounting problems, no solutions

The G20 will not agree on anything substantial, reckons James Turley, but the left has problems too

Hopi Campaign launched

Simon Wells reports on the launch of the Smash the Sanctions campaign

Far left banned from Crow's campaign

Whether a slate of British chauvinist or internationalist demands, communists should intervene, writes Peter Manson

Break with sect 'broad fronts'

Communist Students is preparing the ground for the kind of student movement we need, writes Ben Lewis

Constructivist vision inspired by revolution

Dani Thomas reviews Rodchenko and Popova: defining constructivism, at Tate Modern until May 17

Dead and buried

Neither Nasser's pan-Arabism nor the discredited two-state solution can be revived, argues Yassamine Mather

Opportunism's cardinal sins

By April 12 1984 - exactly one month into the miners' Great Strike - more than 1,000 miners and supporters of the new Women Against Pit Closures movement had been arrested on picket lines around the country - writes James Marshall.

Wave of repression

Internationalism must be a principle which we make concrete, writes Dave Isaacson

Head-in-the-sand capitalism and the tasks of the left

The current downturn has been compared to the great depression. Peter Manson spoke to Hillel Ticktin, editor of Critique, about the prospects for the left and what can be expected from the G20

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