WW archive > Issue 759 - 05 March 2009


Wrong party; Misreading; Police racism; Finkelstein; Coal error

Fighting Fund


Israel has a point?

Has the Alliance for Workers' Liberty lost its marbles? Ben Lewis and Mark Fischer ponder the evidence

Rewriting history

Official communists and some leftists supported the reactionary Khomeini regime. Homayoun Azad examines the division in Iran's left three decades ago

Carrot and stick

James Turley discusses the question of self-determination and the prospects for Arab unity

Two nations and the Arab revolution

The February 28 aggregate of CPGB members began a renewed debate on the question of Israel-Palestine. Peter Manson reports

Europhobes and open polemics

Jean-Michel Edwin responds to criticisms of the New Anti-capitalist Party

Chávez strengthens his grip

After last month's referendum working class power is as far away as ever, writes Nick Rogers

Debating draft programme

Jim Moody reports the discussion so far on three new sections of the CPGB's Draft Programme

Business as usual

All that the SWP's membership has been offered is a sop, argues James Turley

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