WW archive > Issue 757 - 19 February 2009


SPD model; Unity?; Half again; Student arrests; Secular Europe; SP love affair

Communist theory and the sophisticated anarchist

Yassamine Mather was at the recent Glasgow conference where Alain Badiou spoke

Dad scandal and patriarchy

James Turley looks at the latest moral panic

Death of Labour Zionism

Tony Greenstein assesses the effects of the recent poll

Militant workers strike against party bosses

The culture of the early CPGB is the last thing on the minds of either side in the Morning Star dispute, writes Lawrence Parker

Breaking the chains of Zionist oppression

A resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be achieved within the confines of 'historical Palestine'. Mosh� Machover calls for a socialist approach

Campaign against sanctions on Iran

Hopi will be launching its campaign against sanctions at 6pm on March 16 in the House of Commons. Speakers will include John McDonnell MP and London Assembly Member Jenny Jones. Below is the text of a leaflet Hopi activists are using to publicise the event

Fighting Fund

Greedy bankers

Complete range of opinion

In response to the renewed request from Hands Off the People of Iran to affiliate to the Stop the War Coalition, STWC chair Andrew Murray has asked for 'further and better particulars'

Representing the members

Union full-timers must be elected, not appointed, argues Dave Vincent, and be paid in line with the workers who elect them

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