WW archive > Issue 75 - 15 December 1994

Unemployed told to work or starve

Christmas is supposed to be a time of relaxation with the family. But for most workers the drudgery and stress of everyday life is never far away. As the unemployed and low paid try to make ends meet, the rest wonder how long they will be able to hold on to their jobs


Splitting the vote?; Narrow greed; Majority decisions; Final nail; Clause four sop; Thin Weekly Worker; Young pioneers

UWC welcomes new president

Labour reformism a dead end for women workers

Forward to state capitalist Britain?

Ditch this archaic system

Student rent strike continues

Communist Party perspectives for 1995

Back to the Party

Good reasons not to vote Labour

Steven David, who lives in Newham, looks at the local Labour council’s cutting budget and the challenge this poses to the left

One bloody conflict after another

Steve Kay looks back on a year when imperialism, using its Nato and UN surrogates, continued to impose its New World Order

Ireland’s new challenge

Bob on the box

Bob Paul reviews this year’s Christmas offerings on the TV

A fact of the 1990s culture

Steve Kay reviews Quentin Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction'

Faction in exile

Gary Salisbury reviews 'Democracy and the SWP' by British and German IS Groups

Politics and poetics

Lisa Stein reviews 'Slavs!', written by Tony Kushner and directed by Matthew Lloyd

Apocalyptic revolutionary

Jesus did not sacrifice himself for our sins. He was a daring resistance leader who expected to win

SUPPLEMENT: Party, non-ideology and faction

The tasks of the 21st century demand all partisans of the working class be united in one democratic centralist party

Monthly fund launched

Phil Kent reports on the WW fighting fund and the financial targets for the 'year of the Party'

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