WW archive > Issue 749 - 11 December 2008


Team left; Missing; CMP split; Third period; Front farce; Utopian; Greek crisis; English revolution; Meritocratic; AWL jelly

Against philosopher-kings

The party we need must be based on a Marxist programme, argues Mike Macnair, not 'Marxist philosophy'

Step up solidarity work

Yassamine Mather discusses the threats against and possibilities within Iran today

Our rights are not disposable

The government's setback over DNA records does not mean an end to its attacks, writes Ted North

Beyond Zionism or continuing Zionism?

Tony Greenstein takes issue with just about everything in Jack Conrad's recent two part article on Palestine and the Arab revolution

Something serious needed

Most CMP members decided it was time to move on and close it down, writes Mary Godwin

Fighting Fund

Yuletide appeal

Climate of fairness

Despite an SP and SWP presence, no one proposed the necessary solution, writes Simon Wells

Down with state secrecy

James Turley situates the arrest of Damian Green within a general trend towards authoritarianism

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