Fighting Fund

Yuletide appeal

Our December fighting fund is off to a useful start - in large part thanks to the extra standing orders that come in at the beginning of the month. These include £30 from SM, and £20 from both CG and DS (in his case the SO is very new - his first payment in fact!).

All in all, these SOs amount to £122 and can be added to the £100 received in cheques and PayPal donations. Comrade SB has sent us an appreciative tenner with her early Christmas card (but not too early as far as the fund is concerned!) and there was a handy £40 from comrade AB, who writes: “Meant to send this in the summer, but forgot. Thanks for the info on the SWP.”

Also contributing this week were CL (£20), CD (£20) and KV (£10) - the last two via our website. They were two among 18,165 visitors over the last seven days.

But in view of the extended holiday period ahead we could do with a big surge of donations. And, while snail mail is positively tortoise-like this time of the year, card payments are, as usual, instantaneous.

So here’s a special Yuletide appeal: please go to www.cpgb.org with your credit or debit card to hand and do the necessary. We have £222, but need £1,000 by the end of December - plus £238 to make up for the shortfall of past months. Over to you! l

Robbie Rix

Click here to download a standing order form - regular income is particular important in order to plan ahead. Even £5/month can help!
Send cheques, payable to Weekly Worker, BCM Box 928, London WC1N 3XX
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