WW archive > Issue 746 - 20 November 2008


Lunar phase; 50% off; Morgue party; Hootenanny; Biased reporting; Fragile ego; Nazi royals

Fighting Fund

Just dreaming

No word on Uncle Joe

Everyone knows that The British road to socialism, the programme of 'official communism' in Britain, was inspired by Stalin. But, as Lawrence Parker shows, some people cannot bring themselves to admit it

Textures of sound

Communist Students member Dani Thomas, composer of the electro-acoustic piece 'Coalface', describes his response to both the energy and rashness of the early 20th century futurists

Third period idiocies

Kenny Coyle of the Morning Star's Communist Party of Britain denies he belittles the crimes of Stalin

Slaves and presidents

How deep is official anti-racism? James Turley examines the question

Beyond Zionism

After the election of Barack Obama, what are the prospects for peace in the Middle East? Jack Conrad outlines the communist programme in the first of two articles

Devil and deep blue sea

Some 250 people packed into Conway Hall for the November 15 annual conference of the Labour Representation Committee. Ben Lewis looks at the key questions facing the Labour left

Communist organisation

Mary Godwin reports a recent discussion on making the CPGB is the party of the whole class

AWL and 'free discussion'

The AWL will not debate the subject matter of Matgamna's July 24 article, writes Peter Manson

For the Iranian masses

Anne McShane reports on solidarity in Ireland

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