Fighting Fund

Just dreaming

At a time when our readers, like a good proportion of the population, are feeling the pinch, it is pleasing that we are still on target to reach the £1,000 we need for November’s fighting fund. With 10 days still to go, we now have £694. But we need those donations to be stepped up over the next week - don’t forget we have the shortfall of the last two months to make up.

Comrade JS has arranged a new standing order of £10 per month, which ups our total of new SOs since the beginning of 2008 to £519. Of that total, £89 has come in over the last seven days, with a large chunk from comrade AM, whose monthly donation is no less than £80.

I have also received a few nice cheques this week - the most notable being from comrade FT, who sent in £50 - he has exactly doubled his annual subscription payment. Thanks also to AS and CL for their £20 cheques, plus PL and RH, who both sent in a tenner.

However, of the 18,827 online readers last week, none of them made use of our PayPal facility. A pity, because this is where a real difference could be made: imagine just one percent of those readers making a payment of £1 every month - that would bring in an extra £700!

Am I just dreaming? Maybe, but the point is still valid. A relatively small number of our many sympathisers committing themselves to help us out would make a big impact. Who will start the ball rolling?

Robbie Rix

Click here to download a standing order form - regular income is particular important in order to plan ahead. Even £5/month can help!
Send cheques, payable to Weekly Worker, BCM Box 928, London WC1N 3XX
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